View The Stars Through These Fabulous Telescopes

Star gazing has been a popular hobby for many centuries with enthusiasts buying more and more powerful telescopes in order to see what's out there. Whether astronomy is your hobby or you have a more serious interest in the subject you will need a good telescope in order to view the heavens.

After all, to quote Galileo "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them". Here we take a look at a range of products, from telescopes for beginners through to telescopes for the more experienced star gazer, their stats, where to buy them plus what they cost, then you can begin to discover if the truth is out there!

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope

This telescope is great for those of us starting off on the star gazing road as it compact and portable plus wont break the bank when it comes to price as it is offered at around the £50.00 mark on Amazon. Celestron is a leading name when it comes to telescopes, while the Travel Scope is of exceptional quality and durability, making it great for taking on your first field trip to view the stars.

The backpack is well designed to hold your telescope conveniently and with a high optical performance it is well placed for several astronomical appliances.The optical tube has a 70m opening and a 400mm focal length making this scope great for terrestrial or astronomical use.

Seben 700-76 Reflector Telescope

Seben 700-76 Reflector Telescope

This is a high performance telescope and is great value for money being priced at just over £60.00 from Amazon. Those of us just starting out on the astonomy route will find the telescope easy to set up and use plus this is no lightweight when it comes to viewing quality, that in itself is superb!

Made by Seben who are reknowned producers of excellent star gazing equipment the Seben 700-76 comes complete with many accessories that other providers would most certainly sell separately. These include Erecting Eyepiece, Moon Filter, Barlow Lens, Finder Scope, Azimuthal Mount and Tripod. The accompanying instruction book is excellent for beginners to follow, while reviews by 187 customers who bought the telescope through Amazon award this instrument a whopping 4.4 from 5 stars!

SkyWatcher Mercury 607

The Skywatcher Mercury 607 is another great telescope suitable for the less qualified as it is affordable plus comes with a good range of equipment that is easy to assemble and use. Price wise this telescope comes in at around the £57.00 mark and is available from Amazon.

The Mercury 607 may look like any run of the mill piece of equipment but it comes with superior 1.25 inch eye pieces that have been specially selected to produce a good range of magnifications making your first time observations a very rewarding experience. Produced by Skywatcher who make a fabulous range of state of the art telescopes, customers can be assured of durability and quality when purchasing this excellent piece of equipment.

Celestron 31150 LCM 114 Short Computerised Reflector Telescope

Celestron 31150 LCM 114 Short Computerised Reflector Telescope

This superb telescope features NexStar computer control technology that has a database that can detect over four thousand stars and planets! The built in Finderscope enables star gazers to locate and achieve amazing views of stars, planets, moons and comets plus anything else that is up there in our celestial skies.

Celestron produce this telescope but it is also available to buy from Amazon at the price of £250.00 which is fantastic when you consider how advanced this piece of star gazing equipment is. Further features include

1. Flash upgradeable hand control software and motor control units for downloading product updates via the internet

2. 114mm Newtonian Reflector

3. Lightweight computerisd mount

4. Durable aluminium tripod

5. Accessory tray

SkyWatcher Explorer 200P/1000 EQ5 Telescope

This serious piece of equipment received a five star rating from customers who bought it through Amazon, while it is no wonder as this particular SkyWatcher model ticks all the boxes for the more serious astronomers amongst us. The base mount is easy to set up and use plus is sturdy, while upgrades for the telescope can be added later when customers have money available.

The price set on Amazon for this model is £440.99 therefore it doesn't come cheap but the SkyWatcher is state of the art when it comes to apparatus for viewing the night skies. Great features of this model include

1. 1000mm telescope focal length

2. 10mm and 25mm eyepieces included

3. Dual fit 1.25"/2" Focuser

4. 200mm diameter primary mirror

5. Highest practical power x 400

If it's a smart looking telescope you want that works equally as smart to a very high standard then the SkyWatcher Explorer is the one for you.

Celestron NexStar 6 SE Computerised Telescope

Celestron NexStar 6 SE Computerised Telescope

Moving up a notch price wise, the Celestron Nexstar 6 SE will enable star gazers to see the surface of the Moon, the rings of Saturn and its moons, Jupiter and even Mars. Having a computerised mount is amazing as it enables astronomers to align the scope to the stars and key in any part of the Galaxy they wish to see and they will certainly see it!

Available from Amazon for £745.00, a saving of £254.00, this telescope has a whole host of superb features that include

1. Star Bright XLT high transmission coatings

2. Sturdy mount

3. Steel tripod with accessory tray

4. Proven NexStar computer control technoloy

5. Over 40,000 object database

6. Sky Align alignment process

7. Flash upgradeable for downloading updates from internet

8. Nexremote software and RS232 cable included for advanced control via your PC

Celestron NexStar 8 SE Computerised Telescope

Celestron NexStar 8 SE Computerised Telescope

Those of us who are well into astronomy may wish to really splash the cash in order to obtain the fabulous state of the art Celestron NexStar 8 SE Computerised telescope. The usual price is around the £1500 mark but this fantastic model is available from Amazon for £1,149.00 which is quite a saving!

Included in the package is

1. NexStar 8 pre-assembled telescope

2. 25mm eyepiece

3. Star pointer red dot finder scope

4. Adjustable steel tripod

5. Star diagonal 31.7mm

6. SkyTM Level 1 astronomy software

7. NexRemote telescope control software

8. 40,000 object database via computerised hand control

9. Manual and set up guide

The 8 model has 78% more light gathering than the 6 model enabling astronomer to see further into the universe but as you can see is more expensive as a result. This along with the fully computerised operating system give this model it superior status.

The NexStar 8 is not so complicated that a beginner would not be able to operate it, far from. The question is, are you sure that astronomy is your passion when the financial outlay is so much If the answer is yes then investing in this fabulous telescope will see you spend many happy years star gazing without having to upgrade to a better model.