Into Space 2 Leads the Space Race of Launch Games

Into Space 2

If you are after a fun launch game and you happen to have some time on your hands, Into Space 2 is a great pick. The simple yet balanced game play will offer enough challenge without being frustrating. Achievements and missions offer a worthwhile distraction from the repetitive requirement to upgrade your rocket. The graphics, though not quite at the level of "I Am Flying to the Moon", focuses on little details which still puts the title ahead of the space race.

So what comes next after space? Why, Mars of course. Which is exactly why you take the reins in upgrading and manoeuvering another rocket in Into Space 2. As you complete missions and achievements, you will have access to new equipment. Buying these will increase your chance of reaching greater heights as you attempt to get to the Red Planet.

The controls are keyboard-based. Boosters are activated using the Up Arrow or W key, the Left and Right Arrow keys (or A and D) maneuver your trusty rocket while turning off the engine may be done using the Down Arrow or S key.

Everything you need to know about the rocket is displayed using gauges around your screen. There is an Altimeter, two Speedometers displaying your vertical and real speeds, a fuel level sensor as well as a temperature readout. We appreciate the fact that this makes it easier to adapt to the situation and maximize each flight.

Speaking of maximizing flights, Your goal is displayed to the right of your screen. This is divided into bite-sized checkpoints. Using a basic rocket build, you will initially make very little progress. Thankfully there are upgrades which help extend the fuel capacity, make your rocket more efficient in flight and even add to the amount of cash you receive per lift off.

Into Space 2

Very typical of most vertical launch games like Hedgehog Launch an amount of cash is earned depending on the height you reach. Achievements fulfilled during that run will give you a bonus, as will reaching checkpoints. If you are good at maneuvering your rocket, collecting cash scattered about the skies is also a good source of money. Having trouble getting past the first few checkpoints? Collecting handy fuel bonuses and passing through speed gates will help you with that.

Don't think for a second that you can sleep on the job. There are helicopters, blimps even UFOs to contend with before you reach Mars. This gives each launch an unpredictability that effectively keeps you on your toes and offers the right amount of difficulty to make the game worth playing.

What we absolutely love about the graphics is the details Into Space 2 integrates into the big picture. For instance, cast off parts will appear on the ground. See-through clouds obscure aircrafts and give a layered look to the scene. On the other hand, we found that the colors can use a bit of tweaking because they look a tad muddy. The music is just alright. Though it sounds generic, it did not deter from the actual game play. The sound effects are thoughtfully chosen, which means that gathering those wads of cash will give you an extra satisfying "ka-ching". Overall, with its cleverly placed hints as well as its extensive list of launch upgrades, there is nothing stopping players of all ages from enjoying Into Space 2.

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